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Mail2Cloud Archive provides manual or automatic capture of emails (message & attachments) from one or more accounts in an organization to Enterprise Content Management systems.

Email Sharing Like Never Before

Collaborate over important emails in new and powerful ways.

  • From the Inbox to your content repository, save messages & attachments;
  • Set automatic upload of emails from multiple user accounts;
  • Easily automate workflows for filing of select emails to target folders;
  • Expand PST files into storage for easy access.

Compliant & Affordable Archiving

Compliant record and retention of email communications that leverages your ECM storage investment.

  • Real-Time capture and intelligent store of all email traffic in content management;
  • Fully HIPAA, GLBA, FINRA compliant message archiving;
  • Reduce costs by replacing legacy archival systems with modern storage.

Drastically Reduce Email Storage

Running out of space? Automatically and intelligently move messages and message content out of the Inbox into your content service. Achieve 80% reduction of Inbox size.

  • Selectively move older messages to the content management system;
  • Move only attachments to cloud storage, leaving links in the original message;
  • Archive daily across multiple user mailboxes.

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Four ways to get email into the content repository

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