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Mail2Cloud Fusion - Secure, Track & Control Email Attachments

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Mail2Cloud Fusion automatically replaces your email attachments with cloud storage links. Fusion requires no end user software or training.

Email delivery compliance without the Stress

Sensitive files being sent without the appropriate precautions? Fusion will automatically ensure that all files sent through email (ex. patient records, personal financial data, etc.) are delivered with the required security.

  • Administrative control of all email attachments sent and received;
  • No change required in how users send email attachments;
  • Control security of storage links pasted into email.

Never Lose Files in Email Again

Can’t find that attachment? No longer dig through emails to find email attachments. Fusion automatically saves and organizes your attachments sent and received in your cloud storage.

  • Intelligent auto-filing of email attachments in cloud storage;
  • Administrators can set minimum security permissions of all attachments sent or received;
  • Cloud storage links copied into emails can also be tracked and controlled.

Track & Control Attachment Delivery

Fusion converts email attachments into cloud storage links that are tracked individually per recipient. With Fusion you gain unprecedented control over attachment delivery even after email has been sent:

  • Expire attachment access in X days;
  • Require password authentication by recipient;
  • Deny access to files even after message delivery;
  • Allow "view only" (no download) access to attachments.
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