Send Large Files with Email

No Downloads, Every Device and
Completely Transparent

Send 100Mb or larger attachment to anyone without a single change to how you send messages.

Unleash Large Emails ... Seamlessly

Just Attach Large Files and Send from Any Email Client

With Mail2Cloud Fusion you can send & receive email attachments far larger than the common 10Mb limitation. What makes Fusion so special is that there is nothing that you need to do differently when sending an email. It's just attach and send!

  • Send very large emails from any email client;
  • Works from all devices - desktop, all mobile (iPhone, Android, etc.), tablet ...
  • No changes to end user action or training needed.
  • Just attach large files to any email and press send.

How It Works

Mail2Cloud Fusion Integrates Your Cloud Storage with Your Company's Email - Automatically

Mail2Cloud integrates your company's email server or service with your cloud storage of choice. When you send or receive emails, large attachments are automatically uploaded to your cloud and replaced with their cloud links.

  • Integrates your company's email server or service (ex. O365, Exchange, Google Apps) with Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.
  • Reduces email storage (inbox & server) by up to 90%;
  • Improves mobile email access by reducing data usage;
  • Attachments intelligently stored in cloud storage.

Getting Started

Free 14 Days Trial and Configuration Support

Let us help you set up your 14 day free trial. mxHero will provide a sales engineer to discuss how best to integrate and test Mail2Cloud Fusion for your company. Setup normally takes no more than 20 minutes.

  • Requires private / business email domains;
  • Not available for consumer email services like,
  • Unlike on-premise email services, online email services will limit attachment uploading:
  • Google Apps: 25Mb upload limit. Note, Fusion enables Google App users to send 25Mb emails to recipients otherwise restricted to 10Mb or less.
  • Office 365: configurable to maximum 150Mb upload limit

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