Quickly & easily save emails as PDFs in cloud storage with Save & Share

Save email and its attachments to your cloud with a single click!

There are times when you receive an email that needs to be saved, discussed, and/or shared with your team, clients, or customer. What do you do today? You forward the email to them, where it promptly becomes part of their dynamic email stream and gets buried.

Mail2Cloud offers a simple tool for Outlook, Chrome, and as a unique standalone email address called Save & Share that will automatically save an email to the cloud as a .pdf, a .eml file, and with each individual attachment.

Get more from your investment... Use your cloud as your compliant email archive as well!

When you set up your Mail2Cloud service for your domain, you can turn on real-time, always-on, compliant email archiving. That means that every email, and every attachment will be saved to the secure cloud location of your choice.

This is superior to traditional archiving solutions like tape backup or a stack of hard disks because you’ll be able to maintain read access and searchability with that entire archive of emails. 

Cloud storage space priced closer and close to free every day, you might as well use it!


 Personal email archives.

 In addition to compliant archives that require restricted access, some of your employees may want a personal archive that they have their own access to. Mail2Cloud can simultaneously provide that as well!