Auto Organizing your Email

MxHero can greatly streamline your email workflows. With Mail2Cloud Intelligent Auto-filing, emails (messages & attachments) are automatically organized into the correct cloud storage folder. No more time wasted navigating folders, separating out attachments and renaming messages.

Let Mail2Cloud automate:

  • Matter management: client emails in the correct matter folder
  • Project management: project emails in the project folder
  • Inbound emails auto-filed by attached purchase order
  • Client relations: company wide client correspondence folders
  • ...fully configurable to meet you exact needs

Thinning out the Mailbox

Your Mailbox gets full. Years of correspondence and their associated file attachments take up tremendous space. Not only in your email client but on the server, backup systems, archives etc. Mail2Cloud can "thin" out your email while improving access to your information. Mail2Cloud replaces old attachments with secure links to the same files now well organized in your cloud storage. As a result, your email inbox will be 70% to 90% "lighter" (less Mb) and your files more secure and searchable.

  • Mailbox storage reduced 70% to 90% on email clients & servers
  • Greater security for critical files moved to secure cloud storage
  • Easier to access attachments for files auto-organized by sender & content in cloud storage

Archive & Collaboration


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