Effortlessly sync email with cloud storage

Reap instant cost savings - Retire legacy archival systems - Drive cloud adoption
Store & Collaborate over important email

Store and Organize Important Email in Cloud Storage

Email is another source of important content that needs to be saved and shared, but it's often overlooked when thinking about a cloud content management strategy. Mail2Cloud Archive offers a number of seamless means of getting email content into your cloud service of choice where it can be shared easily, organized, and accessed from anywhere. Sync inboxes, PST files, specific folders, and individual emails.


Save Money Instantly

There are significant cost savings associated with using Mail2Cloud. Email server storage reductions of 90% or more can result in savings of as much as $10 - 20 per user per month. Mail2Cloud also allows services like Box, OneDrive, or Dropbox to serve double duty as an email archive, letting you retire legacy email archiving systems and services.


Effortlessly End Email Attachments

Increase Productivity, Augment File Security and Track Delivery

Sending files as attachments via email has never been a great option, and Mail2Cloud's Fusion finally let's you easily put an end to them. Fusion automatically removes every email attachment sent or received and stores it in the chosen cloud storage system. The attachment is replaced with a link in the email, making emails take up less space, more deliverable, trackable and ensuring that every file is always securely stored where it should be.

Message & Attachment Tracking

Completely Automate Cloud Storage Adoption and Training

One of the best things about Mail2Cloud is that it takes the effort and change management out of cloud storage adoption by exposing every employee to their company sanctioned cloud storage service every time they receive an attachment. The fastest path to learning is by doing.


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