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Two Products to Integrate Email with your Content Strategy



Save email to document storage
Drastically reduce email volume

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Secure & Control attachments
Send large files

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Archive & Collaboration

Capture email and save it to your storage

Email is content too. Maybe the most important and regulated content in your organization. Email not being a part of your content management strategy is inefficient at best or a severe security and compliance risk at worst.

More than just moving email into content storage, Mail2Cloud optimizes email for the content management environment through an innovative transformation of email into document content.

Key Features

Intelligently AutoFile emails & Collaborate from content storage

Cost Reduction
Drastically reduce costs of email

4 Ways to Capture Emails

Email Sync

Grab emails directly from the Inbox.  Allow for seamless drag-n-drop, email to storage experience.

Client-side Plugins

Plugins for Outlook and Gmail on Chrome embed document storage in the email experience.

Server Integration

Capture all email flows via gateway routing or server journaling - replace legacy archival systems.

MS PST Files

Find PST on your network and user devices and save to document storage - eliminate risk and inconvenience.

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Unify email & content storage

Key Features

Transparent Email Attachment Governance. Guarantee security & compliance.

Significant reduction in storage and network congestion

Greater Productivity. Control & track deliveries. Send large files.

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