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Mail2Cloud is a non-disruptive transformation of your email and content management strategy achieved by integrating your email system with your cloud storage.

Mail2Cloud integrates in minutes with Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and Citrix Sharefile

A Complete Cloud Content Strategy

If your cloud content management technology doesn't incorporate your emails you're running risks and wasting money

Email is content too. Maybe the most important and regulated content in your organization. Email not being a part of your content management strategy is inefficient at best or a severe security and compliance risk at worst.

Mail2Cloud seamlessly integrates your email with your cloud content technology:

  • Automatically convert emails (old and new) to documents and intelligently file them to your content cloud ... more
  • Replace expensive legacy archiving systems with cloud storage ... more
  • Access and manage email content like you do other files with powerful cloud content management
Mail2Cloud Fusion Attachment Tracking

Email Users Will Love

Add new capabilities to your existing email ... transparently. No software, no downloads, every device

  • High resolution delivery tracking of every email attachment
  • Control attachment delivery even after sending email - ex. deny access
  • Send & receive large (100Mb+) files through email
  • Powerful attachment preview capabilities allow you to view many file types, (ex. CAD) without dedicated software directly from the email message
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